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Dead Ohio Sky
26 August
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  • I'm in love.

  • I'm currently a first second year photo student.

  • I look a lot like my brother.

  • I worked at Disney World for four months on a college program, I am recently released.

  • Thunder storms captivate me.

  • Smells impact my mood more than they should.

  • I love to watch people.

  • The cruelness of some people baffles me, but then I have my mean moments.

  • My eyes tear up when I laugh and hearing "she's crying!" isn't foreign.

  • I love the smell of cologne on a warm t-shirt.

  • If I'm by myself in a public place, I'm most likely not paying attention to my surroundings. I'm thinking.

  • I have trouble letting new people become close to me.

  • I really really really love to read.

  • Little kids by themselves fascinate and amaze me.

  • I'm a cat person.

  • I'm bad at math.

  • I loathe E.T. and love the Muppet Babies.

  • I dive in too fast.

  • I find myself absurdly funny at times.

  • I don't eat grape, apple, or plumb skins. They make me gaggy.

  • I'm afraid of airbags. And choking.

  • I have a lot of inside jokes.

  • I'm all emotional, and yet not at all.

  • Whenever someone uses the incorrect form of 'there', I become angered at bad elementary-school teachers everywhere.

  • I want my own dark room.

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