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[10 Jan 2006|12:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I've moved from Orlando & am now in transition.
In England.

Updates later, possibly.

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[06 Oct 2005|01:21am]
[ mood | sore ]

One thing that really really bothers me in classes is when I'm expected to complete an assignment I don't fully understand.

I'm taking one online class while here in Florida. I would have eventually had to have taken it online for my degree, so it all works out.
But! The instructor is TERRIBLE at both spelling and explaining himself.
His latest assignment seriously said, "Having a mental black at the beging of assignments?", and "The use of assimptions can be useful."
This guy must be in the biggest hurry ever to type crap like that.
I have to document this here. It has to be put somewhere. I can't read this at all & I don't know what the assignment is.

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Throwing strollers around for 10 hours at a time has sucked the life right out of me.

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[29 Sep 2005|10:12pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

self: "She had a Y2K closet that she called the 'KY closet' for a long time"
alex: "HAHA! You go in and you just slide right out"

alex:"I was thinking about that the other day...I saw the KY commercial.."
self: "You were thinking about my grandma?"

misty to alex: "YES, there you go. And we'll get you some alcohol pads to wipe your twat"

I'm currently digging this song.
I've been going to work at 6:30am [starting at 8!] for the past few days. I dont like having to get out of bed and get ready when the moon is in the middle of the sky [wtf it moves so fast here/or I'm crazy], but it's nice to either get off earlier or be there all day and get over-time pay.

I miss Chris a lot lately.
I always miss him but generally I'm content just in the knowledge of us and knowing I'm going to see him when I leave here. But man, the last few days have been really hard.
There's such a huge pressure here to be in a local relationship. I've been the third/fifth wheel too many times now, it's starting to wear on me.

I have friends that make me laugh here and an okay job.
I get to spend two months in England with my him when my program is over.
I'll be okay.


[01 Sep 2005|07:10pm]
There will be more content later, but for now:

& i need you so much closer says:
i have no pictures of you
ask me what it's like to have myself all figured out... says:
i know!
& i need you so much closer says:
i was thinking about that while i was in the bath tub
& i need you so much closer says:
[of all places]
ask me what it's like to have myself all figured out... says:
you were thinking of pics of me while you were NAKED and SOAPY?!
ask me what it's like to have myself all figured out... says:
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[30 Jul 2005|02:44pm]
A week ago, Chris & I went and watched Dredg perform at the Big Easy.
We got there half an hour early [thanks to me being antsy beyond words] and the place was pretty empty. Therre were a few people sitting on the railing at the back of the floor and quite a few in the bar area, I guess.
The opening band was local, called 'For Years Blue', I believe. They kind of blew me away. They had presence, and quite a voice.

By the time Dredg started, there were maybe 20-30 people on the floor and 50-ish in the bar area [from what i could see].
I grabbed a spot on the railing right in front of the bass player.
I had never seen any of them before and Gavin is beyond beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
They played:

-Ode to the sun
-Same ol' road
-Symbol song
-It only took a day
-Jamais vu
-Of the room
-Hungover on a tuesday
-Bug eyes
-The canyon behind her
-90 hour sleep

I felt bad for them over such a small crowd but it was the most intimate thing I've been to.
These people came to Spokane, Washington, of all places.

Hah, during the second song or so, the drummer broke a stick so he threw both of them out into the audience. I didn't see it coming until it was too late. I got hit in the arm with one of them but failed to grab it before the person to the right of me.
At the very end, the singer & guitar player left the stage while the drummer kept playing. Roadies started tearing down and he kept playing. The bassist started taking away his drums piece by piece and he kept playing. He was left with a drum stand and a key board and he pressed on. Ohh love.
After the show we waited around and asked a roadie for a setlist. He gave me Gavin's. It has all the little (sample) bits between the songs.

Then, we went and saw The Big Lebowski at the Garland.
Such a night.

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[22 May 2005|11:03pm]
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[10 Nov 2004|02:47pm]
Dear Dad,

I’m putting this in a letter because phone calls have a way of disappearing in the whatever it is. I’m trying to put into words what I feel most deeply, not just about you, but about my work and the years of undefinable father and son between us. I’ve never understood why I’ve saved the best that’s in me for strangers like Stravinsky and not for my own father.

There was a picture of you on the piano that I saw every day when I was growing up. It was by the Bachrach studio and heavily retouched and we all used to call it "Smilin’ Jack Avedon"-it was a family joke, because it was a photograph of a man we never saw, and of a man I never knew. Years later, Bachrach did an advertisement with me-Richard Avedon, Photographer-as a subject. Their photograph of me was the same as the photograph of you. We were up on the same piano, where neither of us had ever lived.

I am trying to do something else. When you pose for a photograph, it’s behind a smile that isn’t yours. You are angry and hungry and alive. What I value in you is that intensity. I want to make portraits as intense as people. I want your intensity to pass into me, go through the camera and become a recognition to a stranger. I love your ambition and your capacity for disappointment, and that’s still as alive in you as it has ever been.

Do you remember you tried to show me how to ride a bicycle, when I was nine years old? You had come up to New Hampshire for the weekend, I think, in the summer when we were there on vacation, and you were wearing your business suit. You were showing me how to ride a bike, and you fell and I saw your face then. I remember the expression on your face when you fell. I had my box Brownie with me, and I took the picture.

I’m not making myself clear. Do you understand?

Love, Dick
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[02 Nov 2004|05:03pm]
I needed to tell you that days like today remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing.
Why I'm still here.
Not 'here' as in alive, 'here' as in right here specifically.

These are from Saturday.
I took, developed, and printed each one of them.
They're from Pike's Place Market, in Seattle.

The scanning made some of the greys darker than they appear on paper, but they're unedited still.

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three. [10 Oct 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | this means more to me than ]



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